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Intranet / Extranet

The growing need to identify and consolidate data in the structured environment forced companies to adopt Enterprise portals. Enterprise portals improve the productivity of the employee by providing a unique interface for services and information which are scattered across the organization.

The key benefits of Enterprise Portal Solutions offered by Aufait are:

  • Increase in productivity by delivering the most relevant information and programs to the resources
  • Increased sales and help in decision making by increasing the availability of quality and timely information
  • Higher ROI and lower TCO across the enterprise

Internet Portal/Website

Corporate portal is an informational website which reflects the brand and showcases products/services of the organization. One of the key challenges for any such website is keeping the content live and updated. Also corporate websites of today have many other value added features like recruitment solution, customer feedback/support etc. At Aufait we have many success stories in deploying small and large such websites with complex solutions.


Aufait has over a decade of experience in developing B2B & B2C portals. Our portal solutions increase the efficiency of online trade through effective use of technology and creativity. We also provide continuous client support on maintenance and enhancements post implementation. Our expert team is specialized in developing customizable and reusable solutions which help the clients with reduced time-to-market for their new initiatives.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge based organizations are heavily dependent on the tacit knowledge of its precious asset - "Human Resources". This tacit knowledge is very difficult to transfer as it is embedded with the person who possesses it. It therefore becomes important to the organization to store the knowledge in some form which can then be used by other employees in the event of resignation etc. Knowledge Management initiatives aim at retrieving and storing this tacit knowledge.

Learning Portal

Training plays an important role in development & empowerment of human resources. It is a mammoth task for the employers to design & execute classroom trainings since the diversity of the training needs grow with the pace of increasing roles and responsibilities. Traditionally companies approached different modes of training like classrooms, seminars, video-conferencing, etc. However, coordinating employees from different locations becomes very difficult. Apart from that, classroom training also involves huge cost and hiring the right trainers tops the issue too.

Aufait's expert e-learning solution helps overcome the hurdles. We have the expertise of designing eLearning suite based on customer's industry and specific employee needs. Our training portal solution serves as a single-point of entry to all training needs.

Salient Features:

  • 2D and 3D animations
  • Post Training Assessments which helps in identifying the effectiveness of the training
  • Successive trainings based on the assessment scores
  • Personalized information based on the roles & responsibilities of the employee
  • Display of training history
  • Notifications of upcoming trainings & events
  • Registration facility for the upcoming trainings & events
  • Performance report of each learner for the administrator

Social Business Platform

Social business should not create silos. Instead it should help you manage your entire business ecosystem. In the offline world, most businesses operate in complex ecosystems of discrete networks of employees, partners, and customers.

Social media marketing platform can be leveraged for marketing initiatives including new product launches, brand monitoring, early adopter feedback, and loyalty programs.

Social business starts with people

The ways individuals and communities interact, form relationships, make decisions, accomplish work, and purchase goods are changing the way business is done. A social business embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community – internally and externally – delivering unprecedented return for the time invested.

What social business really ought to be, starting with the most basic requirements?

(1) Social business needs to live in the cloud. "Social business software" is an oxymoron.   If it's truly social – enabling you to connect with anyone, anywhere, on any device – it needs to live in the cloud.

(2)  Starting an enterprise social network should be as simple as starting a simple blog.

(3) Social business needs to be priced according to the growth of the network. The old enterprise software licensing model will not work.  Nor will the simple SaaS model work.  Both are based on presumed usage.  Better to charge customers on a pay-per-use model — one what they use.  That more accurately reflects the realities of growing a social network.

(4) The social business platform can be the system of engagement for any system of record. It would be wrong to think of your social business platform in isolation of other enterprise systems.  Ask whether your social business platform can easily integrate with these systems and add a social layer.

(5) Social business should not create silos.  Instead they should help you manage your entire business ecosystem. In the offline world, most businesses operate in complex ecosystems of discrete networks of employees, partners, and customers.   Ask whether your social business platform enables you to stitch those networks together and manage them for even greater effectiveness and efficiency.

(6) Social business networks should be able to connect with other networks. Not only are businesses at risk of creating silos within their own ecosystems.  They are at risk of developing networks that are not discoverable by other companies. The solution is to invest in a world that is open, discoverable, and navigable.

(7) Social business networks should be able to integrate any number of useful tools.

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