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AppraisalPoint - Employee Appraisal System for Smart Enterprises

AppraisalPoint - Employee Appraisal System for Smart Enterprises

Creating a pay-for-performance culture is inevitable for retaining valuable employees and reducing employee grievances

it is a fact that the most important factor for retaining top performing employees is recognizing and compensating them appropriately. Most organizations lose time and money by overcompensating poor performers and ignoring performers. By having a centralized system like AppraisalPoint provides fair compensation and rewards, employee engagement and retention improves.

Effective goal alignment and performance management lets you establish a true pay-for-performance culture at your company by providing the foundation for closely linking reward systems with individual and team performance, thereby allowing you to hold on to your high performing employees.

Product Overview

AppraisalPoint is a simple enterprise software application developed for managing and tracking employee Appraisals. AppraisalPoint is designed to solve the Employee performance review process problem otherwise a formidable and cumbersome task by making it both efficient and effective for managers and employees.

AppraisalPoint is developed on top of Microsoft Share-Point platform, and covers the full Appraisal lifecycle from defining KPIs at employee, department and organization level, assigning tasks and targets, set different weight ages based on roles and departments, archiving, reporting and ongoing management for all employees in your organization.

AppraisalPoint’s tracking, alerts, reports and dashboards will enable you to effectively manage all your Appraisals and its data including feedback for each KPI, its rating, relevant dates and much more – providing you with operational efficiency benefits as well as visibility to give immediate and detailed report which can be integrated with salary hikes.


As AppraisalPoint is based on Microsoft SharePoint, it can leverage your existing investment in SharePoint technology, in-house IT, and user expertise. AppraisalPoint Employee Appraisal Management can also interact with external list connected to your existing HRMS for providing employee details.

AppraisalPoint Appraisal Management Features

The following list provide guidance on the high level functionality provided ‘out of the box’ (OOB) in AppraisalPoint Appraisal Manager. AppraisalPoint has good configurability and based on each organization specific HR needs and flexible options to change some of the functionality. Similarly the functionality is subject to Permissions/Security that specific organization may apply based on their own HR policies.

  • Customizable Appraisal Forms
  • Configurable workflow based on Organizations HR Policy
  • Maintain employee hierarchy details
  • Integrate with HRMS for Employee records
  • Configurable weight age based on roles and departments
  • Sections and KPIs based on employee position/grade


By having a proven employee performance/appraisal system organizations business impact is often neglected. Apart from speed and process efficiency, by centralizing the performance appraisal data in a standard framework, managers can focus on strategy and create measurable goals for their employees that will support overall company objectives. This, in turn, gives management the tools to measure individual performance throughout the organization and identify top performers for further development and establish a pay-for-performance compensation plan.

Please discuss your needs with us so that we can confirm what can be achieved for you. Any configuration work will be reflected in the accompanying project Statement of Work activity.

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