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Airline Solution

Aufait has rich experience working with international airlines in building simple software/IT solutions with high business impact. We can help airlines to come up with cost effective and quick solutions to compliment the core Airline Systems. Some of them are mentioned below.

Solutions for enhanced customer experience

We can help Airlines in enhancing customer facing systems like booking engine and Frequent flier solutions to meet the specific requirements of an airline's business. Some of them are given below:

My booking with One Click Check-in: Facility for reminding passengers regarding the check in time and interface for meaningful validation, which will help them to understand the criteria of online check-in based on his booking details. Our solution will enhance online check-in systems by providing passengers accurate and clear message and help them to understand the criteria for online Check-in better.

Online Check-In Reminder and Validations: Facility for reminding customers regarding the check in time and interface for meaningful validation which will help them to understand the criteria of online check-in. We are filling the gap of current online check-in systems by providing passengers accurate and clear message instead of a generic message that may discourage them to comeback in future.

Enhanced Booking Engine: We can help Airlines in customizing and enhancing the booking widget matching your Airline brand. We also provide better user experience by providing customized validation messages related to booking.

Solution for airline customer support team

CCMS is a comprehensive solution for Support Team to Manage and Track Customer Complaints, Suggestions, Feedbacks & Surveys. The key features of the solutions are.

  • Integrate with Website or Mobile Application.
  • Streamline support and resolution process.
  • Reports for Management.
  • Increased productivity of the employees.
  • Quick resolution of issues.
  • Easy tracking of complaints.
  • Improved communication between departments.
  • Ensure balanced workload for support team members.
  • Direct email integration that eases the feedback submission process.
  • Built-in logic to filter out duplicate and irrelevant feedbacks.
  • Activities log will give complete history of complaint life-cycle.
  • Better accountability & timely actions.
  • Can easily track KPI's of the support team members.

Airline mailers and alerts

Whether it's for frequent fliers or regular promotions we have been providing solutions for personalized bulk mailers integrating with major Airline core systems. Our tool can be extended to integrate with existing mobile applications and to automate passenger alerts like online check-in reminders and miles expiry related reminders.

Some of the features are :
  • Personalized content by integrating with core Airline systems.
  • Ensure that mails are not going to bulk or spam folders.
  • Ensures compatibility for all major email clients so that there's a consistency in the display format across all.
  • Provides statistical reports to track the effectiveness of the email campaign.

Airline software customization, enhancement and integration

With our experience we realized many out of the box solutions lacks some of the features to meet specific needs of Airlines. With our rich experience in integrating the solutions with popular booking engine, GDS and Frequent flier solutions we can help in enhancing those to meet the specific requirements of an airline's business.

Our customization solutions are based on following tools and technologies:
  • J2EE, Open Source and .Net development.
  • SharePoint based DMS and Workflow solutions.
  • Mobile Application (Android, IOS and Phone Gap).
  • PHP/MySQL based solutions like Drupal.
  • Liferay.

Data extraction and migration

Airlines are always provided with Data dumps from many core airlines and cloud-based solutions. With our data extraction tools and low cost approach for simpler Business Analytics we have enabled power users to build own simple but powerful reports helping them to take smarter decisions.

  • SharePoint and Power BI tools for Excel.
  • Parsing PDI for PNR search and Data Analysis.
  • Parsing SSIM file for finding flight schedules on various web, mobile and Map based platform.

Horizontal solutions for airlines

Intranet and Document Management System:

With our understanding of Airline industry and Gold Partnership with Microsoft, We can help Airlines to setup SharePoint based DMS and intranet solution to cater specific needs of airlines like:

  • HR and Employee records.
  • Pilot licenses.
  • Ramp Cards.
  • Service Checklists.
  • Other Learning Materials.
  • Purchase, Vendor and Invoice related documents.
  • Workflow and Self Services.
  • Employee Appraisals.
  • Department Sites.
  • Micro blog/Yammer integration.
  • Integrating with third-party tools for Scanner Integration, Workflow etc.
  • Architecting topology, infrastructure and storage etc.
Recruitment Portal:

A Customized, online recruitment system for Airlines that makes your hiring process easier, faster and cost effective. e-Recruit enables recruitment team to create job postings, manage job application responses, update job status and take quick reports for screening which drastically reduces the labor and money spent on manual recruitment.

  • Publish Vacancies with selection criteria.
  • Gather online resumes.
  • Search and Sort Resumes.
  • Communicate with Candidates.
  • Quick, seamless installation with corporate website.
  • Reduction of paperwork, costs and processing time.
  • Provides hiring managers with single source of data.
  • Reduced use of other advertising media.
  • Constant pool of candidates for quick recruitment.
  • Increases the speed of search for the right candidate.
  • Track progress of application and instant communication.

Airline e-commerce portal

Aufait has rich experience of Designing, Developing and maintaining large Airline/Travel portal and ecommerce platform.

  • Developed multi lingual, multi-regional portal.
  • Micro sites for various business units within airline (Catering, Cargo, Holidays, Frequent Flier etc.).
  • Maintenance of portal-managing update requests, revamping sections, fine tuning CMS to accommodate change in business rules.
  • Automating promotional fares section.
  • Integration with IBE, Check-in system, Cargo tracking solution, Holiday Management System etc.

Enhancing loyalty solutions

Enhance your current loyalty system to increase competitiveness by improving customer interface for web and mobile. We have build interfaces based on core web services for the following features.

  • Manage and support Frequent Flier systems.
  • Send mailers and alerts related to frequent flier program.
  • Extend and enhance existing frequent flier system to meet the specific needs of the department.
  • Frequent flier mobile interface for better customer experience with following features.
  • Digital membership card.
  • Enrollment.
  • Miles Summary.
  • Notifications.
  • Payment/sabre integration for Miles redemption and ticket booking.
Customer Features:
  • View the Account Summary.
  • Activity Details with Summary Report.
  • View Issued Statements.
  • Missing Miles Claim.
  • Redemption Tickets.
  • Buy & Fly Miles.
  • Update Profile.
  • Family Nominations.
  • Changing Password.
  • Providing feedback.
Administrator Functionalities:
  • User Management.
  • Partner management.
  • Maintaining Feedback.
  • Managing their profile.
  • Full view of the activity log.

Flight schedule and status finder

This solution presents up-to-date flight schedule information with search facility based on standard SSIM data. This solution automatically generates all possible routes from provided starting and destination points. There is also admin facility to manage the aircraft seat map, routes, code share, etc.

  • Can be easily integrated with existing website.
  • Integrates with booking engine (sabre etc.).
  • Searches for all flights from any two stations.
  • Displays all relevant details including Flight No, date, time and station.
  • Provides map based rich search interface.
  • Real time information based on IATA Standard SSIM file.
  • Supports multiple types and modes of services.
  • Displays Code Share services.
  • Generates PDFs for selected results or whole timetable.

Airline mobility

We have help airlines to come up with a Mobile strategy and technology selection. We can also provide framework to develop Airline Mobile app and support with various pre build modules that can be easily integrated.

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